Waterproof Car Cover Protects from Rain, Snow, and Sleet

Click Close Straps to to Firmly Hold in Place

Driver-Side Zipper Door for Easy Access

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What People Are Saying

I ordered this knowing it would be a little long and wide for my Saturn Ion (185"x65"). I will not be able to drive for a few months, and was looking for something to protect my car. This is a great cover. It is very light, has pockets for the mirrors made of reflective material that should help with the summer sun, AND has a zipper to ease access to the drivers area so I can start it weekly to maintain the battery. It is a little long and wide for my particular vehicle, but not more than expected. it also has elastic at the front and back, as well as adjustable straps that fit just behind the rear tire and in front of the front tire and has made it through a couple of thunderstorms this past week without moving at all. I did not remove the cover after the rain, but it did seem to 'stick' to the car, so I do not think it is 100% water-proof, but since it is breathable, it was dry underneath after a few hours.

- Matt B, San Antonio

I really like this cover. It fit my Altima perfectly and I went through a wind and rain storm with it the first day it was on. It stayed on perfectly. It is great that it has a drivers side door opener so you can access the car without removing half the cover. I want to add to this review that the car was under a carport for seven months while I was up north. The cover went through hot and humid Florida weather and when I stored it today it had no damage after all the abuse it took over the summer. The car had been detailed just before it was covered and when it was uncovered it was as clean and spotless as it had been when it was covered. I can't say enough about this cover - if I could give it more than a five star review I would do so. I have had people ask me if it will fit their automobile models - I can't say but it fit mine perfectly.

- Dave, Helena MT

Easy to use. Because it is light weight this car cover is easily removed and replaced. For momentary access the zipper is really convenient. It also stays put even when the wind is blowing. I can recommend this cover without any reservation.

Elena, Kansas

Best car cover at a great price! Easy to install, remove, and pack away! Snow and ice slide off so easy! Good quality material for the money, and keeps car safe and dry from rain snow and ice!

Bob, Indiana