Titan Brilliant Color Poly 210T Car Cover for Compact SUVs 170-187 Inches Long (Midnight Blue)

  • $74.95
  • Save $5

  • Waterproof Car Cover for Compact SUVs Measuring 170-187 Inches Long. Fits Rav4, Rogue, CR-V, Escape, Equinox, Cherokee and More.
  • Built with a 210T Polyester Outer Layer, a Polyurethane Layer for Waterproofing, an Aluminum Coating for UV defense, and an Anti-Scratch Inner Coating, the LW 210T Provides Exceptional Protection Against the Elements.
  • Driver-Side Zippered Door for Easy Access to the Car when the Cover is On
  • Click Close Straps Snap in Place to the Keep Cover On
  • Includes 7 Foot Cable with Lock to Thread Through the Security Loops along the Bottom

Other Titan Brilliant Color Poly 210T Car Cover Fit Sizes:

Sub-Compact Sedans 163-175" Long: Midnight Blue | Bondi Blue
Hatchbacks 165-181" Long: Midnight Blue | Bondi Blue
Compact SUVs 170-187" Long: Electric Blue | Midnight Blue | Bondi Blue
Compact Sedans 176-185" Long: Midnight Blue | Bondi Blue
Sedans 186-202" Long: Electric Blue | Midnight Blue | Bondi Blue | Mozzafiato | Fuchsia | Turquoise
Mid-Size SUVs 188-206" Long: Electric Blue | Midnight Blue | Bondi Blue
Large Sedans 203-212" Long: Midnight Blue | Bondi Blue
  • Lightweight Poly 210T