Titan Lightweight Poly 210T Car Cover for Sub-Compact Sedans 163-175 Inches Long

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    • Waterproof Car Cover for Sub-Compact Sedans Measuring 163-175 Inches Long. Fits Fiesta, Rio, Aveo, Yaris, Sonic and More.
    • Built with a 210T Polyester Outer Layer, a Polyurethane Layer for Waterproofing, an Aluminum Coating for UV defense, and an Anti-Scratch Inner Coating, the LW 210T Provides Exceptional Protection Against the Elements.
    • Driver-Side Zippered Door for Easy Access to the Car when the Cover is On
    • Click Close Straps Snap in Place to the Keep Cover On
    • Includes 7 Foot Cable with Lock to Thread Through the Security Loops along the Bottom

    Other Titan Lightweight Poly 210T Car Cover Fit Sizes:

    Sub-Compact Sedans 163-175" Long
    Hatchbacks 165-181" Long
    Compact SUVs 170-187" Long
    Compact Sedans 176-185" Long
    Sedans 186-202" Long
    Mid-Size SUVs 188-206" Long
    Large Sedans 203-212" Long
    Large SUVs 207-212" Long

    Lightweight Poly 210T

    Titan Car Covers | Protection Innovation Design

    We build waterproof, durable, and highly-rated covers for a wide range of cars. Our car covers combine eye-catching design, quality materials and solid construction. The Lightweight Poly 210T Series is our original groundbreaking car cover with the signature stripe and proven track record. The Jet Black Poly 210T Series steps up the styling with bold contrast that gets noticed. And our Premium Multi-Layer PEVA Series delivers more protection, more durability, and even more bling. Explore the world of Titan and find the right car cover for you.

    Lightweight Poly 210T Car Cover Features



    Waterproof Tested at 2000mm to Keep Your Car Dry in Wet and Snowy Conditions

    UV Protection


    Reflective UV Defense that Increases Durability and Keeps Your Finish Looking New

    Driver Door Access


    Zippered Door for Easy Access to the Car When the Cover is On From the Driver Side

    Scratch Resistant


    Scratch Resistant Material Will Not Harm Your Paint or Smudge Your Wax Layer